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Eine Möglichkeit zum Shoppen. Review from Andris Hew 14th November 2015
Really enjoyed Zumanity. True, it is not a typical Cirque show- but we weren’t expecting it to be. All of the performers were amazing, but there are a couple that are really WOW. The artist who does the aerial chains act- so charged and dramatic. I could gladly watch him for the entire show. The two women who performed the fishbowl act were wonderful as well. The audience participation between acts may not be some people’s cup of tea, but you have the option to tell an usher you’d rather not participate, and I don’t think anything they had the participants do (although maybe embarrassing) was too awful. My only less-positive notes on the show itself is that for a Cirque show it does seem a bit too short- maybe a little over an hour. There was an act advertised on the website that was not included at all, but they do clearly state the content can vary at times. There was also a contortionist act that while the performer was very talented and I can appreciate where contortionists would fit in the Zumanity theme, I don’t think the overall bouncy/quirky tone of that particular act fit the show- I think the music had a lot to do with that. One area of improvement for the ushers as well: I had a man sitting next to me who was very heavily intoxicated and felt the need to repeatedly shout out (loud enough the entire theatre could hear) during an otherwise quiet and relatively serious act, ruining that particular part for those nearby, if not the whole audience. Especially as this was done during an aerial act where I’m sure the performer needs concentration, I can’t believe that nobody from the staff intervened and ejected him from the show. Other than that guy though, we had a really great time and I would see it again. Review from Brittany Brooks 18th February 2018
Show was totally disgusting for 3 heterosexual married couples. Definitely geared toward gays/lesbians in our opinion. I wish I had read reviews beforehand or wish it had been explained better on the shows billing. Definitely would not recommend. Been to other Cirque shows that were awesome- wish this one didn't have the the Cirque name associated with it. Doubt I'll go to another show by Cirque. They are better than this! Review from Diane Hansen 26th February 2018
Really liked the show! Maybe it's not the best one in Vegas, but it explores a different side of its audience. Some great aerobatics! I more wanted to respond to a few other reviews; 1: Yes, there is a person narrating and talking to the audience, so it's not all action all the time. 2: Yes there's audience participation. You can ask not to participate, and you'll be given a sticker to be passed on. 3: You're going to Zumanity, if you do participate, you can bet to be put in a potentially awkward position. Don't go if sex and nudity bothers you! 4: This show in no way is promoting, or resembling rape. It pushes boundaries of a normal show, but it does NOT depict people forcing themselves on anyone. It's about exploring sexuality people. 5: Yes...... Most of the men (if not all) are gay... They're dancers! Did you seriously expect to see a bunch of straight men here? There's one scene when two men kiss and this is "not what you came to see"? Please try to be realistic when coming to this show people. Review from John Osterman 13th November 2017
Sad attempt, a total miss! Nothing new or exciting. Even the couple acts that were good were brought down by the poor production value. Instead of going for sensual, the show goes right to the lowest forms of classless 'sex comedy' with overdone fowl language and groin grabs. I have seen better shows at gay drag bars. Review from Allen Beck 25th February 2018
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