Cirque Du Soleil

Address: 3790, South Las Vegas Boulevard
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A nice blend of humor, sexy, and acrobatics. There are probably sexier shows out there and there are most definitely more acrobatics oriented ones, but this is a good choice if you want a little bit of both. Review from Vladimir Makushkin 8th February 2018
Good pricing, but you have to be open minded to watch it. I went to see it with my girlfriend and she felt a little uncomfortable with several girls showing nipples and men showing their penis. They do very little circus acrobatics nothing like the videos that were shown on the advertisements. I did expect a little more for a cirque du soleil show. I am looking forward to watch other shows. Review from djgarlio 16th January 2018
Zumanity explores your sexuality in a humorous and heart stopping ways. We got free tickets for balcony seating and paid additional $60 upgrade for 2 to sit on the 3rd row to be closer with the entertainers. The show we went to starts at 9, the cashier asked us to come early at 9, glad we did as we got to see the performers messing with the audience, my husband got sat on by one of the girls. Stage is small but it's quite amazing what they can do. It's a good mixture of comedy, erotica and acrobatics, all wrapped in one show. Review from SJ O 16th September 2017
My husband and I participated in this show last night. We had the best time that we've had in a while. I say participated because at times the mistress of ceremony drew us in, asking questions and waiting for response. Other audience members actually were called on stage to participate. (If you don't want to participate, choose a balcony seat) I have to say that if you are very private about sexual situations this show may not be for you. The whole cast was awesome. Flying, dancing, singing, the band - everyone was perfect. I especially liked the comedy "baggie boobies". The woman doing that bit appears confident in herself, and has a great time with the audience. My husband also loved this, and everything that she and Dick did. They were hilarious! The best description I can come up with is this is a very upscale burlesque show. The artists are very professional, skilled and nice to look at. They also appear to be having fun! If you're looking for the costumes other Cirques have, you won't find them here - only lots of bare skin. But you WILL get the acrobatics of other Cirques! I will go back to see this show when we're back in Vegas! Thank you Zumanity for a perfectly wonderful evening! Review from Vicki Bissett 13th November 2017
Fun show, might have been a bit off for ours though. The fight choreography telegraphed moves and was slow. The acrobatics were amazing, the sex positive message was awesome, sadly so heteronormative. The mc pulled up a gay personal trainer, and because he was make sent him to sit with women on stage. Disappointed in that but over a decent show. I would go again if friends wanted to. Review from Kel Drake-Sargent 27th November 2017
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