KÀ by Cirque du Soleil

Address: 3799, South Las Vegas Boulevard
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Super show! Man muss sich allerdings vorher darüber informieren, sodass man die Handlung verstehen kann. Review from O Mu 11th June 2017
Atemberaubende Show! Ansehen! Review from Rechtsanwalt Stephan Stiletto 20th May 2017
A wonderful alternative to going to the movies. The story line was beautiful. Twin prince and princess traveling to attend a wedding and get ambushed by a neighboring tribe. Separated and then the adventure begins . By the ends all is well and the twins find mates to marry. The characters adorned to most flexible costumes to coincide with the acrobatic feats and displays of athleticism. Flying trough the air. Climbing and descending walls, shooting arrows, native drums pounding. You could feel like you were transporting to a distant land while the story transpires. Review from Ronnie Seaton Jr 31st January 2018
This was my first experience with any Cirque show, and I have to say that I was disappointed. I wanted to see a show with a story, but the story was too much. I couldn't pay attention to the acrobatics, instead opting to keep up with the mildly confusing plot. In the end, the plot isn't that interesting. It's the usual story: separated siblings, each go on adventures, they both fall in love, and they come back together for an epic battle. I would have liked to see a little divergence from the usual fantasy story line. Maybe have the prince fall in love with someone other than the chief's daughter. Or have more explanation about the princess's love interest (who is introduced in one scene and suddenly they're in love). The stage was amazing, but because I was so high up (LL), I could see the net and other things that broke the illusion. The music was awesome, and I loved that the evil general's son always had rock music playing. It was an easy way to signal who was coming on stage. My favorite scenes were the princess drowning scene (it was a magnificent use of what I assume is a scrim), the flying bird tent scene (the tension was a little undercut by the fact that the princess obviously couldn't fall over the audience), and the final battle (loved the use of the stage and the overhead view). The before the show music playing in the lobby was amazing as well. They played Christmas songs. And even though one of the strings broke, the musicians didn't seem too fazed. While I wanted something with more of a story, the story wasn't the best and detracted from the performance overall. Review from Wren Lee 22nd December 2017
I did not expect to love this show as much as I did. It was incredible & a must see. I sat in row 2 left side of stage for a reasonable price on a weekday show. The stunts & capability of the performers is just jaw dropping. It always amazes me. It held my attention & I would highly recommend it. Review from Anastasia Nickolaou 11th December 2017
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