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"O" by Cirque du Soleil

Address: 3600, South Las Vegas Boulevard
5 reviews

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“O” is simply the most most stunning Cirque du Soleil resident show in Las Vegas. This production is the definition of elegance. “O” will whisk you away to a realm of disbelief, a place where the impossible is possible, and where dreams become reality. Be amazed by a cast of nearly 80 artists made up of acrobats, fire knife dancers, Olympic high divers, contortionists, gymnasts, synchronized swimmers, and a whole lot of crazy and unique characters. The incredible attention to detail will leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat. Don’t be late, you absolutely do not want to miss the opening of the show. “O” is exquisite, theatrical, and over the top dramatic. With a thrilling sense of childlike wonder, “O” continues to outshine even the sunny Las Vegas valley and is still greatly cherished after nearly 20 years. So come spend and hour or two and awe at the grandeur that is “O”. Review from Ray Gillis 4th May 2018
The most amazing show I've ever seen. Tickets were expensive but most definitely worth it! The production value is amazing. Every single act featured amazing skill and choreography. The music was equally good! The main female vocalist's voice was downright stunning!!! The contortionists were very good at contorting, almost freaky but amazing. If you come to Vegas you should definitely try to watch this show!! Review from Mike Wu 16th March 2018
Amazing talent worth every penny. Would love to see it again from a different location. The raw talent and physical strength is awesome. There was so much going on you could watch it multiple times and see something new each time. Amazing costumes and the set is unbelievable. The mix of water and acrobatics was perfect. Review from Pete Katzler 26th May 2018
太陽のサーカス団 O by cirque du soleil 何度見てもいい‥ いやむしろ何度でも見たいと思わせるステージマジック‥ ステージから水面が現れて飛び込みが始まったと思いきや次の瞬間にはその水面が無くなっている‥ 観た人にしか味わえない興奮と感動がそこにはあります。 チケット代奮発かなり前の席で観ましたが見る席が変われば視点も変わるので前列、中列、後列どこからでも楽しめると思いますが初めてのときは中列か前列をオススメします。 KAとは対照的なOは幻想的な音楽に包まれた演目でした。 Review from COCクロ 10th April 2018
For a long time, I wanted to see the Cirque du Soleil Shows, O. on my last vacation there I stayed at the Bellagio where it is hosted. The shows water theme attracted me from the first day I saw its advertisements. As a former competitive swimmer and diver, the idea of a water show seemed both obvious and beautiful. The show left me feeling hurt that it had to stop. Of all the Cirque du Soleil shows, this is the best. Review from thomas rodrian 9th May 2018
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