"O" by Cirque du Soleil

Address: 3600, South Las Vegas Boulevard
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Tickets are of a higher price show itself was awesome! Had a great time, majority of seating is excellent! The majority of seating is towards the center of the stage! The show is spectacular. The employees are helpful and knowledgeable ... The restrooms are kept clean, the seating area is kept clean as well. The show has a special meaning to me. I took my beautiful Mom, to see the show. She passed away in 2004 at only 56yrs old. So this show means a lot to me, being my Mom loved the show. I highly recommend seeing this show. However I wouldn't bring babies or small children. Review from Cali Love Cali Love 26th January 2018
기대를 많이 하고 가서 그런지 서커스 보는줄 알았습니다. 제가 예술을 이해 못하는건지 모르겠지만 전반적인 스토리도 모르겠고 여러 연기자들이 물속이 둘어갔다 나갔다를 한시간반 동안 보고 있으니 지루했습니다. 표는 구글 검색 해보시거나 벨라지오 공홈 또는 길거리 티켓박스 같은데 비교해 보세요 그때그때 가격이 다 다릅니다. 맘같아서 별2개 주고 싶은데 공홈에서 중간자리 표를 싸게 판매해서 별3개 줍니다. Review from Isaac Kang 25th January 2018
The show was absolutely a magical experience. The stage production, with the ever changing set was fantastic. Be aware, if you sit up in the corners, there is a good chance you will have obstructed views. There us a tall railing at the end of the rows. Review from Brian Gochal 5th February 2018
Vraiment magnifique! c'est, pour moi, le plus beau spectacle du Cirque Du Soleil. Les artistes sont incroyables et cette scène avec la piscine qui apparaît/disparaît est tout simplement superbe. Un incontournable de votre séjour sur le Strip. Review from Denis Brugal 12th February 2018
First Time - Great Performance Second Cirque du Soleil Show and was not disappointed. The performances are top notch and lighting and stage props are incredible. I could watch again because there is so much going on at once, terrific choreography. We had center seats high and a terrific view! I appreciated and understood the need for the clown acts so performers could take a breather and the stage could be set. Hard to say what a favorite act was, I guess would lean towards the 3 contortionists in red. Just amazing and yet a little gross at the same time. Bodies should not bend like that! Enjoyed so much, highly recommend, thanks for reading and if this review helps give a thumbs up. Review from Mean TacoHulk 29th August 2017
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