Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil

Address: 3950, South Las Vegas Boulevard
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Wer auf Michael Jackson steht, darf die "One" Tribute-Show von Cirque du Soleil nicht verpassen. Unglaublich, was hier einem geboten wird. Die Tickets haben wir bereits in Deutschland über die offizielle Webseite erworben, da wir auf Nummer sicher gehen wollten, einen guten Sitzplatz zu ergattern. Wir saßen ziemlich weit vorne, mittig - und haben keinen einzigen Cent bereut. Von der ersten Sekunde an steigt die Spannung bis zum letzten Lied. Die Soundqualität ist unfassbar gut, die gemixten Lieder phänomenal und die eigentliche Show umwerfend. Ich werde mir die Show in meinen Leben noch Mal anschauen - Danke, für die tollen zwei Stunden. Review from Marcel Begyn 3rd December 2017
First time in Vegas the show was highly recommended a bit pricey but what isn't on the strip. I think the producers and creators had a vision how to present Micheal Jackson as a person and artist in a positive way. That's great!! The best show i ever seen in my 65years. Never seen him live but this show proved ones legacy can live on doesn't matter who you are. I loved it wasn't a Micheal Jackson impersonator i think that's tacky. Nevertheless this show changed my perspective on life and how i like to leave my legacy. 5 stars. Review from Reginald Anderson 30th September 2017
What a great show and experience! Loved every moment of the performance. The venue is really nice and there’s probably not a bad seat anywhere. We sat in the second level and saw everything perfectly. Michael Jackson would be proud! Review from Nicole Zito 2nd December 2017
Absolutely amazing! You sing dance, the talent is unreal.. and they portrayed him so well highly recommend you see it if you are a fan Review from Hannah Padwick 12th February 2018
If you love listening to Michael Jackson songs, you are going to LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Very creative use of all his songs. The dancers are performing amazing tricks left and right. MJ even makes a cool appearance in a 3D dancing hologram. It looks just like him! Review from Ray Gonzales 11th December 2017
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