Widowmaker Trail Rides

Address: 904, Quail Creek Court
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David helped me plan a proposal and made my fiance and I feel right at home. No riding experience is necessary, as David is a great instructor and his horses are very well trained. Highly recommend this adventure! Review from Garrett Smitley 19th June 2017
Had an amazing time!! David was an amazing guide... Great place to go horseback riding Review from Mr Luis Hernandez 23rd July 2017
Expert and fun outing. We were both beginners but was comfortable and at ease throughout the entire trail ride. Thank you David for your patience and expertise. Review from Koula Delianides 22nd February 2017
Very scenic trail ride through grapevine lake and trails leading up to it. I would recommend this trail ride to anyone. David was very professional and courteous and taught us everything we needed to know to enjoy our time. Review from K Sf 5th January 2017
So much fun with family! I loved Trace Review from Sophia Bricker 9th January 2017
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