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Maverick Horseback Riding

Address: 5766, Balcones Drive
5 reviews

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Amazing doesn't cut it! Such a great experience, with fantastic scenery, you will not be disappointed. I was on holiday from the UK and was lucky enough to get in on short notice and so pleased I did. Joan Marie has so many good conservation ideas for her land it's a pleasure to hear someone so interested in preserving and looking after the land and wildlife. I can't recommend Maverick enough, beautiful horses and stunning scenery. Make sure you don't miss out! : ) Review from Claire Warren 12th April 2018
My wife and I hadn't been horseback riding as adults, but we've casually talked about getting back in the saddle for a long time. She was simply elated when I surprised her with a casual Saturday group ride for her birthday. The scenery is amazing, and for the views during the ride I absolutely recommend it! We Absolutely Loved This Experience. It was thrilling, peaceful, educational, fun, and just plain awesome to get back in the saddle and bond with the horses while learning to ride again! This is a must do attraction in area and it’s less than an 30 minutes from the Austin and 1hr from Round Rock! (Disclaimer: don't expect to show up at the location in Austin - this is their office, not the ranch in San Marcos. You will receive directions once you schedule your ride.) Joan Marie, owner and guide, was knowledgeable, caring, and very friendly. If you've never ridden a horse, come with an open mind and leave your worries in the car! Horses are big animals which can be intimating at first, but Joan Marie will quickly teach you a few simple rules to respect their boundaries and keep you safe! She let us know what to expect every step of the way, and this puts a less-experienced rider's worries to bed. While this is not a 'sad horse being tail-to-nose led down a beaten trail' experience, there is nothing to be intimidated about! Horses are majestic animals and getting in the saddle with Joan Marie by your side allows you to let go of the typical high-stress trappings of modern life and make a connection with your horse. Soon the 'mechanics' of riding wash away and you're left simply to experience the grace of the horses amid the beauty of the Maverick estate! Review from Joe Brockhaus 4th March 2018
As a veterinarian, I've been somewhat turned off from trail riding. Often the horses are depressed, trudge along nose-to-tail, and not responsive at all, or the guides have inexperienced riders galloping, which is not safe for rider or horse. However, last week on a visit to Austin I found a place that gave me hope. Joan Marie clearly loves these horses, and wants her guests to respect them while also enjoying the experience of riding. I and my 2 sons began by grooming "our" horses, getting to know each other. Then came a lesson on proper riding before saddling up and getting on. Each horse was well-matched to the rider's abilities (or lack thereof). Joan Marie is funny, great with nervous riders, and the perfect combination of relaxed and in-control that you need around these amazing beasts. This was not a cheap outing, but it was a perfect way to spend a few hours in the Hill Country, about 40 minutes from downtown Austin. The ranch property is absolutely gorgeous, with views, water features, and varied terrain. Review from Deborah Aronson 4th April 2018
Maverick Horseback Riding exceeded all my expectations and was worth every penny. I booked the trip along with 5 other ladies all with minimal horse experience and the cases of the nerves. Joan Marie immediately excluded a sense of confidence and strength which put us at ease since we knew we were in good hands. The horses are well taken care of and you can tell they are loved. We started off by grooming the horses which allowed us to get comfortable and then proceeded to mount up and ride around the property. Joan Marie provided instructions throughout the ride and we all found her insight to be invaluable to the experience. This is much more than just a horseback ride but truly serves as a lesson in appreciating the strength and beauty of the horses. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a more than your average horseback riding experience led by a fantastic instructor! Review from Raya Thomas 27th February 2018
We are visiting our daughter here in Austin and she and my husband surprised me with a trail ride for my birthday. My husband knows not to take me to your usual trail ride experiences, since I grew up riding in Europe, ( but have not done much in the US due miserable “usual” experiences...) Well this is NOT your usual experience... Joan Marie is a very responsible and caring horse owner - and you as a guest ride her horses! Any horse owner is very picky who gets to ride their animals. So, Joan Marie in a very short time will make sure you get to know your horse, feel comfortable with it and have a clue what you are doing on top of it! She matches your horse to your ability, teaches you how to saddle your horse, sit correctly and hold the reigns before you get out on the land. This is very much a teaching experience - you don’t just trot along the trail. I am amazed in what a short period of time JM got people comfortable and doing some drills, meanwhile she corals a group of 12 where most have little to no experience. Her horse are wonderful and you can tell they enjoy doing this- which all the more reflects on JM and her ownership!! If you are in the market to learn how to ride a horse/ improve your skills - Joan Marie is your horse woman!! ( I wish I lived here for more !) Review from Susann Dempel 26th May 2018
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