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My wife and I hadn't been horseback riding as adults, but we've casually talked about getting back in the saddle for a long time. She was simply elated when I surprised her with a casual Saturday group ride for her birthday. The scenery is amazing, and for the views during the ride I absolutely recommend it! We Absolutely Loved This Experience. It was thrilling, peaceful, educational, fun, and just plain awesome to get back in the saddle and bond with the horses while learning to ride again! This is a must do attraction in area and it’s less than an 30 minutes from the Austin and 1hr from Round Rock! (Disclaimer: don't expect to show up at the location in Austin - this is their office, not the ranch in San Marcos. You will receive directions once you schedule your ride.) Joan Marie, owner and guide, was knowledgeable, caring, and very friendly. If you've never ridden a horse, come with an open mind and leave your worries in the car! Horses are big animals which can be intimating at first, but Joan Marie will quickly teach you a few simple rules to respect their boundaries and keep you safe! She let us know what to expect every step of the way, and this puts a less-experienced rider's worries to bed. While this is not a 'sad horse being tail-to-nose led down a beaten trail' experience, there is nothing to be intimidated about! Horses are majestic animals and getting in the saddle with Joan Marie by your side allows you to let go of the typical high-stress trappings of modern life and make a connection with your horse. Soon the 'mechanics' of riding wash away and you're left simply to experience the grace of the horses amid the beauty of the Maverick estate! Review from Joe Brockhaus 4th March 2018
Maverick Horseback Riding exceeded all my expectations and was worth every penny. I booked the trip along with 5 other ladies all with minimal horse experience and the cases of the nerves. Joan Marie immediately excluded a sense of confidence and strength which put us at ease since we knew we were in good hands. The horses are well taken care of and you can tell they are loved. We started off by grooming the horses which allowed us to get comfortable and then proceeded to mount up and ride around the property. Joan Marie provided instructions throughout the ride and we all found her insight to be invaluable to the experience. This is much more than just a horseback ride but truly serves as a lesson in appreciating the strength and beauty of the horses. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a more than your average horseback riding experience led by a fantastic instructor! Review from Raya Thomas 27th February 2018
I had decided that, for my girlfriend's birthday this past November, I wanted to give her a gift that she could always keep with her as a salient memory in her lifetime. She would agree that it was perfect as a surprise experience for an urban young woman, and I would say that the price was absolutely fair for the memories. Joan Marie, the owner, was especially accommodating from start to finish. I was pleased that there were multiple packages to choose from, so that I could make plans for a private setting and a more scenic experience. I called ready to place my order, and Joan Marie made excellent recommendations based on what I had told her I wanted for this very special occasion. I had originally planned to accompany my girlfriend with the couples' package, but I could not make the appointment, so I included one of her best friends into the surprise to substitute for me. A small setback, but sometimes life has other plans. Initially, I had reservations about a remote horseback riding session where I would not be able to make sure everything went perfectly, especially because I had absent-mindedly forgotten to book a photographer, with riding day just around the corner. But Joan Marie came through, once more! She managed to help us book a personally endorsed photographer at a reasonable rate, and at that moment, I knew that it would at last be the perfect day. Southern hospitality and plenty of patience made the girls' experience a true highlight (as well as a relief for a worrisome boyfriend), and their smiles were both ear to ear for weeks! I am truly impressed with the care that Joan Marie took to make sure this experience was personal and fun for my girlfriend, her best friend, and me. She truly went the extra mile to make sure that I was happy with the arrangements and that my girlfriend was happy during her ride. As a professional, and as a person, her integrity is simply golden. If you are looking for the right person to help you enjoy horseback riding the right way, look no further. Joan Marie is your gal, and you can take that to the bank! Review from Nicholas Martinez 20th February 2018
My boyfriend and I went on a private ride with Joan Marie and had a FANTASTIC time. We had very different levels of experience with riding and she was able to accommodate both of us. She has an authentic approach to the way she runs her trail rides and allowed us to customize our ride from beginning to end. We had a choice of which horses we wanted, she educated us on how to approach them, clean their shoes, brush them, etc. Letting us have that time out of the saddle to get comfortable with the animals and learn a bit about how they operate, made a huge difference in getting us ready to ride and how connected we felt with the animals. I have had a lot of experience riding, and have attended a number of camps, organized trail rides, etc and Joan Maries experience definitely stands out. We had so much fun and cannot wait to get out there again! Review from Rachael Seidenberg 19th February 2018
I met Joan Marie and her horses this weekend when my husband surprised me with a trail ride for our anniversary. I grew up riding competitive dressage horses, but had not been on a horse in 26 years. This experience could easily have been disappointing for me because I know that it is challenging to find horse people who really know what they are doing and also really love sharing it with others, without pretense and without ego. Joan Marie has nothing to prove, and this was the perfect place to get back on a horse. A skilled guide, she has mastered the balance between placing appropriate boundaries to ensure safety, and actively supporting independent exploration. She coached me into my comfort zone and then encouraged me to collect and half-halt, which brought a beautiful series of memories for me, even though I am quite rusty. At the same time, she was coaching my husband who had never been on a horse before on riding basics, while he and his horse wandered around in the bushes (because these horses do not just follow each other in a line). She did this all with patience and humor. It was like coming home. Joan Marie is flexible, engaging, supportive, motivated, creative, and wonderful to ride with. I highly recommend this experience. Review from Heather Ozmun 25th February 2018
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