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David was great! We had a good time. A must do while in Texas. Review from Ellen 27th February 2018
My boyfriend surprised me with a ride this weekend and Jeff made it the best experience ever! We will definitely come back out again! Review from Ryann Brown 30th October 2016
These guys are great! We were only in town two days but Jeff accommodated our schedule. This was no pony ride around a paddock. After the recent floods the regular trails were under water, so Jeff and his son Will took the time to scout out a trail that took us well off the beaten path and made this a most enjoyable ride. They took care to match our height, weight, and experience level to the horse we rode. So whether you are local or just visiting and want a true Texas adventure, I very much recommend these folks! Review from Paul Dearing 6th July 2015
My 16 year old son and I were in Dallas for a soccer tournament recently and I made him come with me horseback riding. The owner Dave is very easy to like and quickly made Jake very comfortable on his horse. The day couldn't have been more perfect for the ride and Dave even let us trot in the open areas. I would definitely recommend this ride to anyone from beginners to more experienced riders. Thanks Dave and maybe one day our paths will cross at WP! Review from Dana D 15th April 2015
My boyfriend took me horseback riding for my birthday and it was a great experience :) We were a bit nervous since we hadn't been on a horse in a while but David talked us through it and was very patient. David was very friendly to us and very funny! I would definitely recommend this trail ride to friends, family and anyone that loves horses :) Review from Bella Martinez 25th August 2015
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