Dallas Equestrian Center

Address: 8787, Park Lane
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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My gorgeous niece boards her horse and takes lessons here. She might choose to live here if we let her. She loves to just be at the barn. She's made an amazing group of friends that will be life long relationships. She is horse obsessed and lucky to have such a great community to share that with. Review from Bobby Jackson 8th February 2017
Love this Review from Mercedes Graham 9th February 2018
we went to visit it was amazing loved it it was very beautiful now we are going to start lessons Review from Tessa Kraus 9th August 2016
Well organized equestrian Review from anabell ayala 4th May 2017
I LOVE PARK LANE! I take lessons every saturday, and this has been like our fifth stable weve ridden at. ITS AMAZING! It is me and my sisters favorite place to be! Review from Emma Davis 25th February 2013
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