Texas Trailriding Co

Address: 254, Maverick Lane
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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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I had a western riding lesson here (normally ride European style). Its only a small facility, but the instruction was very good and the horses of excellent quality-well trained and looked after. They have a huge range of horses and one to suit any height, weight, age, experience or riding style. Would go again. Review from Jdam Missile 25th April 2013
Incredible experience! These are NOT typical trail horses....these lucky equines are FUN and RESPONSIVE and VERY WELL CARED FOR!! We will return for a longer ride next time. Thank you Kathy, Rocket, Jade, and the rest! Review from Jeanne Campbell 22nd June 2014
We did the Canyon Lake ride a couple of weeks ago...wonderful! The horses were well matched to each person's ablilty and the guides were great! Can't wait to go again...we are considering the 4 hour ride next! Review from Ein Google-Nutzer 22nd July 2011
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