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Cypress Trails Equestrian Center

Address: 21415, Cypresswood Drive
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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I liked it overall. The 1.5 hour trail ride takes you along Cypress Creek pretty much the whole way, which is good scenery. I went in March when the temperature was perfect. For my first time riding a horse, they gave good instructions too. Don't expect too much excitement, just a slow stroll in a single file line. Review from Rafael Moas 25th March 2018
We had a fabulous time! I visited with my dad who was a first time rider and both the staff and horses were excellent! Everything was dealt with professionally and quickly, and we had a real adventurous time out on the trails. The horses were clearly well cared for and our guide, Liz, was very knowledgeable and friendly, as were all the others. Would highly recommend! Review from Lara 10th April 2018
Signed up for a private lesson and arrived 15 min before the hour, as suggested. Got on my horse 15 min after the hour, because they were waiting for an available guide - so not prepared for the lessons that they had that day, and it showed . While waiting on my horse, 2 guides /trainers were talking and one stated to the other....."there's just not enough people available here, it's getting old and it's about time to find another job.... I'm just over it" (while shaking his head). He knew I was listening as he looked up at me while saying it. (Probably NOT good to have customers hear that) Finally started my lesson at 20 min after the hour where then I proceeded to hear.... "ALL ABOUT MIKE". He talked about himself the ENTIRE time!!! His heritage, his background, his time in the military, his ability to fight, his horse riding experience at how he taught himself. ..... on and on and on..... I could probably write a bio on him now! When I started to try to state something, it was quickly turned back on him. I know you don't want complete silence for an hour, but I was almost relieved when we stopped the lesson 5 min early!!!! Review from Jannette R 31st March 2018
Had a lot of fun. If you have any experience riding, skip the beginning ride and do something more exciting. Staff was great and so were the horses. We will be back! Review from Justin Adami 22nd May 2018
We went today as a family for my 6yr olds birthday and it was amazing! My 6 & 8yr old has never been on a horse and the the lead lady was really good with them and the young man that took up the end was so informative and nice! Such an awesome experience!! Review from KIM BENSON 8th April 2018
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