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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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The place was amazing because of the very friendly staff, fun atmosphere, beautiful and sweet horses, and trail. The horse park loves to help the community especially children. Chris was our guide and was very patient and helped my family perfectly. Rhonda gave us a tour of the horse park and was very friendly and informative. Beth set up the appointment and was very compassionate. I highly recommend this horse park especially for those who have never done horse riding before. Review from Todd 15th January 2018
Brought my daughter (9 years old) for a trail ride and we had a great experience. Chris was friendly, informative and fun. The grounds are varied and pretty. We especially appreciated the shade for much of the ride in the Texas summer heat! We have been on other trail rides at other places in the past, but this one was by far the best in the Dallas metro area. Review from Salomon and Miriam Banarer 18th July 2017
I went to a suppose to be Jazz Concert on FridaySep 1st at this place. It was awful and sad ..they made you park in high grass for 10 which was not posted on the website until you got there and you had to ride a shuttle to the venue if you can call it that....The place was a place were the horses run it had dirt all over the place where you had to walk. The concert was suppose to start at 7:30 it did not , It started at 8:30 after 1 hour of sound checks. Please Black Arts Academy ...Please do better next year if you ever have on again. Review from Joyce Duncan 4th September 2017
I'm biased, but always love the experience- a 10-min. drive from downtown, and I'm in heaven. Home on the range! Review from Philomena Jones 12th October 2017
We took our camp kids here and was a great experience for our kids. They got to ride horses, play in the bounce house, and pet the animals. Great spot to get away and enjoy the animals. Review from Marcus Moore 22nd July 2017
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