North Texas Equestrian Center

Address: 1765, Southview Drive
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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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This full service facility offers lessons 7 days a week with enough trainers that a lesson is available at a time that works for you. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and if you don't hit it off with one, you can try another. Flexibility and customer service is what it's all about. And if you have your own horse--board it here or trailer in for lessons! It's a great place with great people. Review from Nancy Donovan 12th January 2018
My daughter takes dressage lessons with Kai Handt for past 4 months. She has learned more in 4 months than in 4 years at another dressage barn. Kai makes sure that she learns new dressage movements with confidence and at the same time she can teach Belief how to become her partner during dressage. My daughter’s horse Belief is so relaxed and love to go out for ride every time. Stall for Befief is pretty good size, there are 2 covered arenas and 2 outdoor full size dressage arenas. Even the groomers have helped my daughter when she needed help with horse. All the boarders are very friendly. It’s a 30 minutes ride one way for us but it’s well worth it. Thank you Kai and team for your professional dressage training for my daughter and horse Belief. Review from Ahmad Shah 11th February 2018
An absolutely amazing facility with trainers that know what they're doing and can get you and your horse to where you want to be. Review from Al Rose 24th January 2018
My daughter has learned for much from her lessons here. Kristi and Kai are both amazing instructors. Not one bad thing to say. All in all a GREAT experience for the whole family. Review from Lauren Green 20th October 2017
Very solid teaching of basic horseback riding from an excellent trainer, Kristen was extremely kind and patient. Check out Groupon for specials! Review from Ian O'Kidhain 24th June 2017
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