Chisholm Trail Rides

Address: 1068, Frontier Trail
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My wife and I had a really good time riding. Very accommodating and friendly folks that seem to take good care of their animals and put safety of the rider and horse first. It seems like most of the negative reviews are from people who didn’t read through the website. Just make sure you read all the details. Review from Matthew Irvine 14th January 2018
BEWARE - They will steal your money. They will NOT return any form of communication and they have no intention of honoring a valid advance cancellation notice. I booked a horseback ride for a trip we were taking to Dallas, but within days of booking it I found out that the location was really far from where my parents lived and there were closer options for us. I immediately called to cancel, where their voice mail explains the better forms of communication to reach them. I didn't leave a voice mail that first day in order to follow their instruction and use email as a way to reach them. I immediately sent an email and requested a cancellation and a refund a week prior to the booked ride, which the site requests at least 72 hour notice. I followed up multiple times with capital letters in my email requesting some form or acknowledgment. I then received a text message from the Owner, generically responding to the voicemail and phone call I had placed again. This text did not acknowledge the message I left and just informed me that they were working down their call list and asked that if I had inquiries to go to their website. I immediately responded to this text message with my cancellation request and referenced all the emails I had sent. NO RESPONSE still! Unacceptable. Finally we left for Texas on Thanksgiving day and the next day, the day of the ride I get a phone call from them asking where we were and I explained all of the above. I told them I had called my credit card company to cancel the charge. I asked them to refund the money and they did NOTHING. BEWARE they will take your money and not respond to you, so just be sure you will not need to cancel. I am sure they do a great job on the trail rides, but as a general way to run their business - it is both disappointing and questionable. I feel pretty sure they just chose to ignore my requests because they wanted to keep my money. Review from Marcia Markovich 5th January 2018
The best horse riding place I've ever been to everybody was super friendly and very excited to help us with anything we needed I will definitely be coming back great for beginners and experienced riders Review from mason barentine 8th February 2018
Awful experience. I ordered a trail ride for my girlfriend's 30th birthday in November of 2017. I paid for a Saturday ride and it rained 3 days before. I assumed everything was fine leading up to Saturday because I received an intro email that morning of what to do and expect for our trail ride and we drove out there only to receive a text 10 minutes before our ride saying it's been cancelled. Being that we live 45 minutes from the trails and I was 5 minutes from the ranch we ended up driving there and speaking with a young man who said we would be receiving a full refund. A week goes by and no refund. I called and spoke to a woman ( I assume the owner) who played dumb and assured me my refund was coming. (Lie) Honestly at that point I didn't want to do business with someone with unethical business practices. I contacted my credit card company and am now in dispute with this vendor. I wouldn't recommend this company ever. Review from Conrad Servin 19th January 2018
Fantastic experience! We had the 2 hour sunset trail ride. They accommodated my friend and I even though I am much less experienced. Everyone here is nothing but kind, and I learned a few things along the way. They do have a "thank you" program, so be sure to read those follow up emails! We'll definitely be back. Plus, they have insanely cute dogs Review from Angela Golio 9th October 2017
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