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TAO Downtown Nightclub

Address: 369, West 16th Street, Manhattan
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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I recently had a reservation with friends from Australia. The Seating time was about an hour after our requested reservation time. Everybody was at the prescribed venue on time. That was my biggest complaint; the staff told us we could wait by the night bar and grab a drink while we wait. Our server was very hospitable and knowledgeable of the menu. Didn’t get any orders wrong and all food came out within 25 minutes of ordering. The food was absolutely amazing and so were the drinks. Overall a great food experience. We stepped into the night club shortly after dining and had a great time as well although the staff might’ve not been as attentive as we would’ve liked. Regardless great atmosphere to have a night out Review from Wilfred Alicea 8th May 2018
Great vibe. Great atmosphere. Great food. Pretty noisy tho so if you're looking for a quiet dinner.... not here. But I loved it. Review from Davion Ferguson 11th February 2018
Went on a Friday with a friend. Admission is random; you might get in, you might not. On what basis? No one knows. Can be your looks, the bouncers' mood, the weather etc... eventually we did get in but unlike others, we did not get a stamp. Which basically means we had to pay a charge. We didn't mind, but again, it's nice to know on what basis we were chosen to pay 20$ each. Once inside, we were surprised to see how small the place actually is. You can BARELY move. Dance? You cannot. 1st cause, well there's no space. People are just pushing you around and spilling drinks all over you. 2nd cause the DJ or the random guy next to him kept interrupting the song and shouting random things. LET US DANCE for God's sake. On top of all, there are 10 security guards on the dance floor asking you to move away from the tables (where are we supposed to go?) Then another guy comes to wipe the floor (really? In that chaos?) It's just a big mess. Most importantly the drinks: 23$ for a vodka and cranberry which was basically just cranberry. Absolutely no alcohol in it and this is coming from someone with a very low alcohol tolerance. Sorry TAO you were just a big disappointment. Review from Narod Haroutunian 22nd October 2017
Actually bouncers there are rude. We got party there for 8ppl, spend couple grams, and when we decided go smoke, bouncers tell that we supposed to go in line and wait. What a hell? They didn’t know what customer service is. When you give a lot of tips to bartender, for every round of drinks and after 5 times she told you, you give me a tips. So my opinion, ugly place better to go in budhakan bar Review from Tema Smirnov 2nd April 2018
It's definitely a place that you have to visit at least once. Food is amazing every time I go. You can make a reservation for a main dining table or take your chances at the bar/lounge area Review from cjtheish 4th June 2017
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