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Address: 74, Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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Hatten eine weitere gute Tanznacht im 'Output', diesmal mit Matthias Tanzmann, obwohl das Publikum vorwiegend keine Ahnung von Techno hat und meistens besoffen auf der Tanzfläche herumsteht. We did it the european way. :) Bämmm!!! Schade nur, dass das 'Verboten' mittlerweile zu hat, war für meinen Geschmack der beste Tanzschuppen in Brooklyn. Review from Sam Sung 22nd August 2017
Great deep house club in Brooklyn. The security staff is super annoying sometimes. But the music and the ambience in there is amazing. Huge place two floors a roof top. Separate dance floor with two different types of music just in case the deep house becomes too much. Review from Samuel Akinin 25th March 2018
Output is one of the best clubs in NYC hands down! The rooftop parties are definitely the highlight of the summer, but even when it's cold being in the club is still great. It's nice that they don't allow cameras inside the club because it makes people focus on the music in the moment rather than trying to take videos and pictures constantly. Sound system is great, vibes are great and the drink prices aren't the best but they won't break the bank. Review from Stefani Graf 2nd May 2018
Okay so here's the good. Tons of room an good music. With a good bit of thought into speakers an lighting. I would of gave a 5 star review if they allowed attendance to tip the DJ. To me this makes no since of why can tip a bartender an not the person who is making the dancefloor hot. Other note is it got so crowded could barley walk anywhere because it felt way over capacity. Seems like a wonderful production company in the start just needs some fine tuning. Review from boudiette charles 28th January 2018
Amazing Music and Sound system. Thursday is optimal if you want to dance & listen to music. Friday is awful if you want to dance at all after 11pm. 0 space on the dance floor. Bumping into everyone. Creeps trying to pick up girls and not appreciating the amazing dj/s. The second floor is great for hanging out. For weekends to go out and dance you're better off going to a more low key club. Bartenders were chill. Review from Jose Tenecela 17th February 2018
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