Address: 637, West 50th Street, Manhattan
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Good afternoon FREQ administrators, How are you? I am writing this letter in regards to an incident that occurred on Friday February 23, 2018. While networking with one of my associates at the bar I requested an additional drink from one of your bartenders and to my dismay she was quite rude. I'm not sure if it was due to the fact that I did not place all my drinks at once and it was busy, but nonetheless there was absolutely no explanation for her behavior. I myself was very respectful! I proceeded to speak with management in regards to the bartenders poor professionalism and communicative skills and to my surprise the manager was even more abrupt and unprofessional. Although, I was attending your club for a comedy show and party I also network, advertise and conduct business with individuals at your venues, especially within urban venues, like yourself; and it's unfortunate that the management and bartenders at your establishment lack common customer service skills. Nonetheless, the manager, who is from Asian decent (my apologies I don't know her name) was modeling impertinent and unprofessional behavior so how can one expect your bartenders, to respect every attendee at your venues. It's very unfortunate and quite surprising because I frequently attend FREQ for leisure and business and I've never experienced such behavior. Thank you in advance for listening. Review from J. M. 27th February 2018
Service was horrible. Arrived at 4:30. Moved a party of 15 twice. Second time apparently the section was reserved so they asked us to move over. Not enough seats, people were standing. Waited two and a half hours for our food. Horrible brunch experience. But music was decent. Very upset. Would not recommend. Review from Tanya Marques 5th March 2018
It's Very Good on a Sunday afternoon for a Brunch & Day Party. The food is good and Cheap. R&B Music is Nice. Doors Open from 2pm-8pm. Everyone Free before 5pm with RSVP Review from Reggie MCH 8th February 2018
I attended an event 2/23.. the event was awesome overall but the staff is racist ... The Caucasian bartender wouldn’t give me her name . Very disrespectful when asked a simple question.. eyes rolled, sucked teeth... I Only went to the event for a special blue drink that I knew was being served because My girlfriends had some before I arrived and she wouldn’t or couldn’t explain why I couldn’t have any.. very disappointed .. venue definitely needs to diversify their Bartenders to look like the patrons that are coming to spend their hard earned money with them ! Also, Get bottle service ! Drinks from the bar are watered down and taste funny. Review from Aubree Younge 25th February 2018
I got backstage passes for this event here and the people who work here didn't give me a bracelet so I realized I had to get one and I did. Then they tell me I'm meeting the artist at 2 in the morning and that I'll get a text to go backstage. I texted the number and I never got the text. We paid the maximum amount to meet him and we didn't get to go backstage. The people who worked there said we missed the time frame when the artist just got there. So unorganized Review from Hannah Vitale 25th February 2018
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