Address: 121-08, Jamaica Avenue, Queens
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This Club is HORRIBLE, ABSOLUTELY HORRENDOUS. THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SICKENING, AND THEN WHAT EVER IS BEING ADVERTISED ABOUT THIS CLUB IS ALL LIES!!!!!!. I do not do reviews however my experience was so bad that I cannot let someone else go through what I went through and especially on my BIRTHDAY. I called this club to query about some bottle packages etc. - The person who answers the calls, gave me an old package quote. - This is not an all 18+ club, boys must be 21+ and girls 18+ to enter. Members of my party were about to be turned away, because they were not 21+. - Everyone free before 12. LIES!!!! my party showed up before 12, but for some reason they weren't being allowed to go into the club because boys had to pay $10, and i had my name on a VIP list, but apparently they couldn't find it. - The attitude from Andrea the so-called manager, was absolutely atrocious. One of her employees recommended this club to me and after finding out the package quote that was given to me earlier was a fraud. We worked out a package and had everything set. Only to find out on top of all the setbacks I listed above, when time came for me to purchase my package at the club Andrea did not know anything about the bottle package I was talking about. She became frustrated with me like this was all my fault, like i was pulling numbers out of the air. So when i showed her the conversation between I and her employee, she became more agitated and still dismissed the fact that I wasn't at fault here. I had to deal with woman for about 1hr before another member of my party had to get involved, After that she then told me "not ask for her anymore, do not look for her, and do not talk to her" RUDE, RUDE, RUDE. Even going as far as to tell me/show me how busy they are and that my services ARE NOT NEEDED. I was spoken to like; I was delusional and that these conversations were never had, even though the text messages were being read. - It took another employee to actually allow me to explain what was going on and to see that even though I DID my research and that I WAS GIVEN WRONG PRICES that I did not come here to cause problems. She ended up giving me a decent package, because I really did not care for the $$$ of the alcohol, I just wanted a VIP Section. However I am not going to give you my hard earned money, when your club doesn't live up to what THEY ADVERTISE, and then on top of that the MANAGER has an attitude and straight up disrespected me. Because of her attitude and the poor communication from the club to its new customers, I would NOT recommend this club to anyone, nor WILL I attend this club again. I’m very pissed off I gave them my money and even spent more Of it in the establishment. If it wasn’t for that caring bottle girl, trust me i would have apologized to my guest, and had everyone go back home. Review from Chioma Modeste 6th March 2018
Good food and drinks at a reasonable price.The dj plays a variety of music and the vibe is definitely Caribbean Review from Uncommon Ravish Dezigns 18th January 2018
El sitio es excelente, buena música, pero deben mejorar el servicio al cliente y ser más responsables cuando traen artistas ya que esa noche Jovanny Polanco nunca llegó. Review from victor cabreja 26th November 2017
OK food good forcdrinks and music Review from Raulito Nyc 6th November 2017
They called Indian dance club but it is not ... Review from bhanu prakash 14th January 2018
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