La Boom

Address: 56-15, Northern Boulevard, Queens
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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This is the place for a great dance night. Great drinks. But be aware coats checks are a must. $3 ! Review from Michelle Iglesias 4th March 2018
This is the place to dance any night! There is a dress code, be aware. And you will have to check your coat or jacket.bring at least $3 for the coat room. Review from monica margolles 1st December 2017
I went with my girlfriend and had a blast! We danced all night, best atmosphere! Review from Thaddeus Sonnen 6th February 2018
Great place,very crowded. Good music playing ,drinks not that expensive. Befor midnight its free . Review from KEREN M 8th January 2018
Anuncia bien bonito pero en realidad la gente que tiene trabajando allí son unas porquería decrimina la gente hispana Review from Enrique Morales 4th February 2018
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