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Marquee New York

Address: 289, 10th Avenue, Manhattan
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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Hier kann man gut feiern! Guter DJ und coole Show. Allerdings auch nicht billig. Review from Nicki Graczyk 2nd April 2018
Came with a friend and got in no problem. Crowd was 90 percent Asians sprinkled with some euro tourists. 9 dollars for a soda water (no joke). They charge you $5 for every single item you leave at coat check no matter how small. It's not exclusive, it's a joke. I don't mind paying good money for a quality experience but this was not even close to being worth the money. Review from Lance Harpen 28th April 2018
Went and saw Fareoh (a local DJ) on a Friday and the club had a perfect amount of people! We did general admission. Found the bouncers friendly, our bartender was awesome (back bar, female), and the opening DJ AND Fareoh played great sets. I also liked how the VIP tables were amongst the crowd. Did not see the upstairs so could see it being super crowded if that’s also some sort of VIP only. But on an “off” Friday, great place to go. Probably chaos with a big headliner as others pointed out, but we had a great time without VIP. Review from Tim Chard 9th June 2018
Shame on club owner. Rude and agressive staff. Overcrowded. Even when customer spends a lot of money doesn't help them to be nice. Bouncers feel real men when shout and push girls. Never seen that before (I've seen a lot). Never ever again! Review from Leonas Karvelis 4th June 2018
We had a promoter for my sisters bachelorette party. We were told we would have a table and ubliunlim drinks. After waiting on line for 45minutes we were pushed inside to the most crowded ridiculous setting and we couldn't even find nor get in touch with our promoter. We left. After being there for all of 4 minutes and briefly losing our friend inside. I will never ever go back and I will make sure to tell everyone I go to never go there Review from Victoria Rupp 10th June 2018
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