Marquee New York

Address: 289, 10th Avenue, Manhattan
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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I had a great time at Marquee New York last Saturday with my girls! Although paying $20 dollars may have sounded awful, by the end of the night our experience was well worth it that we didn't mind it at all. We danced, ate, and had a great time. Review from Cindy Powers 9th March 2018
My friend dropped her iphone while on the second balcony floor and it fell onto the security net underneath. I kneeled down and was able to safely grab the phone since it was right against the railing and when I stood up, bouncers immediately had their hands on my shoulders escorting me out. They wouldn't take their hands off me the entire time after I told them I can walk out on my own. Place is insanely overpriced with rude staff Review from Amber Burke 29th January 2018
Great place for watching movies. There are free movies for kids in the summer at certain times, and many big screens to have movies on. Review from Barbaq Smash Gaming 2nd March 2018
If your looking for an overpriced crowded sausage fest then look no more at marquee. This place is almost insufferable, expensive, and not worth the time or effort. The layout is terrible and leads to crowding, all three djs I’ve seen have been weak and just play the top hits. Their service is terrible even with vip purchase. My friend a table for 1.5k plus and they refused entry to three of his guests. They made them pay a cover (girls too) and refused to let them sit at a table. The staff and bouncers are rude. The ladies at the coat check are tart and will kick you out of line if they feel like you didn’t wait long enough (happened to me twice) . Been here three times, won’t go again. I encourage you to skip this joint and try out LAVO, slate, Le Bain the standard, brass monkey or any other club in the city Review from Matt Silver 9th March 2018
Not cheap. Cover was $70 for guys $50 for ladies. Cocktails are $18. DJ was pretty boring and the music was nothing you could really connect to. If you're looking to show off how much money you have, maybe it's the place for you. Not my idea of fun night. There's a place just around the corner called The Lodge. No cover charge, live bands, better priced drinks and way more fun. Review from Jesse Seniunas 26th November 2017
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