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Lavo Nightclub

Address: 39, East 58th Street, Manhattan
5 reviews

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At some point in your life you know you're going to want it. Looking for that awesome experience, this night club set the bar for the New York scene. Very friendly hostess, that I hope to see again. Review from John Newberry 17th May 2018
This place is known to be racist. Many of the staff and others confirmed this place to be a known racist establishment. My friend bought a section for her birthday and half of us got in and the other half they told them it’s up to their discretion and if they want they can pay extra (for a section that was already paid for). If you’re a minority of any kind I would not suggest you to waste your money. There are a lot of other great places near by in NY that don’t act like this. Not worth the money OR the hassle! Review from Nia D 5th June 2018
Sunday night. Loads of people waiting outside. Approached a security guy who just introduced himself to the people in front of me as Mohamed. Told him "hey, Mohamed" and his reply was "why do you use my name? Who told you my name?". And I was like "you just said it to the guys in front of me". And he goes "don't use my name. Why do you say Mohamed and not Donald Trump?". Stupidest guy ever. Didn't even try a second time. Left back to my hotel with big disappointment and the hopes of a great night shattered to pieces. Hopefully they will look into this and stop losing customers. Review from Francisco Sala 5th February 2018
Boate boa! Porém preços caros de drinks! Muita diversão. Review from Andre Perim 23rd May 2018
An amazing nightclub in the heart of midtown, quick & inexpensive entry, was packed with good crowd, great music & close to Times Square. The drinks were expensive which was a slight drawback... Review from Hina Garg 28th May 2018
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