Lavo Nightclub

Address: 39, East 58th Street, Manhattan
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Sunday night. Loads of people waiting outside. Approached a security guy who just introduced himself to the people in front of me as Mohamed. Told him "hey, Mohamed" and his reply was "why do you use my name? Who told you my name?". And I was like "you just said it to the guys in front of me". And he goes "don't use my name. Why do you say Mohamed and not Donald Trump?". Stupidest guy ever. Didn't even try a second time. Left back to my hotel with big disappointment and the hopes of a great night shattered to pieces. Hopefully they will look into this and stop losing customers. Review from Francisco Sala 5th February 2018
Crazy packed and fun every time I go with my friends. I never stop having a good time and the hosts there make sure you have a good time. Very diverse crowd. Review from Briana Sanchez 8th January 2018
Went to Lavo with my girlfriend and her friends for our first time in NYC on my birthday. When we got there, there was 2 separate lines to get in. We asked the bouncer if we were in the right line and he told us that the line we were in is for both GA and if you had a ticket and for us to stay put so we did. An hour later, we're still standing there because they kept letting the other line in and not ours because the people in front of us didn't have passports to go with their IDs which held up the line for everyone else. When we finally get to the front, the bouncer there tells us we needed tickets to get it and that they are sold out so we couldn't buy any. Needless to say we will never, ever try and go back and we will tell everyone to avoid that place. Funny thing is, the uber driver who picked us up told us this wasn't the first time he's heard that about this place. Apparently they like to keep their lines long to make the place look more appealing that what it is. Review from pbernard1216 17th December 2017
KICKED OUT FOR BEING GAY. I had two drinks. My group paid for bottle service. No one would tell me or my group why I was kicked out. Review from Lisa Standke 14th January 2018
Went one Friday night with friends who heard good things about Lavo. The place was packed with 2 separate lines just to get in. A good tip, talk with the bouncers and staff at the door and make them aware you're there because with the many faces at the door and the arriving vips, you might be forgotten. As for inside, it can get a bit tight but the music was great and the bartenders were on their A game. Did not have to wait long for my drink that were a bit pricey but good. Would definitely recommend Review from mariabenz07 8th October 2017
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