Address: 116, 10th Avenue, Manhattan
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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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Went to Avenue once and I'll probably never coming back again. I couldn't stand the lousy doorman who charged every girl to get in except people who were from his own crew. He was such a tool. We had a table upstairs, it wasn't worth it. I would've given it a lower rating if it hadn't been for the decor of the place and the decent music and some of the people. Wouldn't come back again. Review from Tere GB 3rd February 2018
It was a kind of pricey club to be at. The clientele are a mixed group. I went on a Thursday night but everyone was still having a good time. They were really accommodating and took care of their guest. Review from Nia Hilson 26th February 2018
Avenue used to be my favorite club but after the renovations it went to trash! The bussers mad rude, the DJ plays half songs but let's the whole stupid techno song go and it's low-key a worse design! I hate it now man! 😔 Review from Keyra Gaynor 23rd February 2018
To start, at the door we had a group of 12 VIP members. The security up front asked for ID. We presented ID. He proceeded to say that one vip members id was issued a month before the birth date. Which doesn’t make sense because 7 other people’s ids showed the same. ID issued before the 21st birth date. This is a NYS problem not a personal issue. The person who had conflict had Social Secuirty cards with them along with a passport and credit card. That being said, this club will continue to be rated the at the lowest quality by the 12 people that weren’t approved to enter due to security fasly accusing a REAL ID as a fake one. If your club would like to be as strict as they claim to be they shouldn’t of let in the under age kids that were brought in with promoters. Honestly disgusted with the experience I’ve had here. Review from Melisa Kudic 9th March 2018
Very rude and biased bouncers who only let in white guys. My girl friend and I went with our latino guy friend but the bouncers let us in with some white guy we didnt know and denied our latino guy friend access. Bouncer had the nerve to tell me i played the race card and to just get my ass back inside. I also got shoved by employees replacing ice buckets constantly. Disrespectful workers don’t waste your money at this venue. Review from Cari English 17th February 2018
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