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Address: 453, West 17th Street, Manhattan
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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I Wouldn’t recommend this place. The promoter was extremely Rude and disrespectful. He refused entry to military men who were in uniform on Memorial Day weekend during fleet week who were sober and polite. Men who serve our country. Wouldn’t spend my money in that place!! Review from T Renee 29th May 2018
I don’t consider myself a partygoer and for the very reason of experiences at places like this is why I stay in. I noticed a place that claims sophisticated standards but lack every bit. Rude and awful staff, lots of prejudice behavior. If you’d like to ruin your night and have the worst experience ever then you’ll end up at 1OAK. Review from Linda Heller 14th June 2018
I came a little earlier than my friend who had a reservation here and the doorman said I couldn't come in. I asked if there was somewhere I could wait until my friend arrived. The bouncer said to go to the pizzeria bar next door. I come back and wait for my friend. It's freezing outside and the doorman has seen me. The promoter finally came and told them I'm her friend and she goes inside the club. The doorman has seen me waiting in the cold and says "I already said no" even though I'm invited to come in. He saw me waiting in the cold rain for 30 minutes and didn't bother to tell me that he wasn't going to let me in. The doorman doesn't treat people like people and that's why I'm giving this club a 1 star review. I'll come back if a celebrity I know comes here but otherwise won't bother. Don't expect to be treated like a person here. Review from Kat Crews 2nd March 2018
Sherry is a rude middle aged lady. She stands the line and scans for people to let in. She let me in but unfortunately she is wearing like tennis shoes and sweatpants brining the club esthetic down. Sherry's hair was dishelved and not put together it was embarrassing having a lady like her being the voice of reason for this "upscale" club. Some of her door employees were saying how much they disliked her. If you want to have a good experience visit another club. Review from yuri jacobo 19th May 2018
Extremely disappointed! I was expecting such a higher caliber of service due to the experience in Las Vegas however the staff in NYC make you feel like dirt on the bottom of their shoe! Avoid at all costs! Review from Lauren Randall 15th April 2018
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