Address: 453, West 17th Street, Manhattan
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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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I came a little earlier than my friend who had a reservation here and the doorman said I couldn't come in. I asked if there was somewhere I could wait until my friend arrived. The bouncer said to go to the pizzeria bar next door. I come back and wait for my friend. It's freezing outside and the doorman has seen me. The promoter finally came and told them I'm her friend and she goes inside the club. The doorman has seen me waiting in the cold and says "I already said no" even though I'm invited to come in. He saw me waiting in the cold rain for 30 minutes and didn't bother to tell me that he wasn't going to let me in. The doorman doesn't treat people like people and that's why I'm giving this club a 1 star review. I'll come back if a celebrity I know comes here but otherwise won't bother. Don't expect to be treated like a person here. Review from Kat Crews 2nd March 2018
This place sucks! The customer service is horrible. I've been to my school's winter formal here two years in a row. The first year, they had three bartenders serving several hundred students. I was only able to get one drink - so much for the open bar. This year, they assured us that they would fix the bartender problem, but nothing changed. On top of that, one of the bouncers shoved me around for no reason. DO NOT GO HERE! It is dirty, cramped, and awful. If I could give zero stars rather than one star, I would. Review from David Hess-Homeier 20th December 2017
If The place is great, I love going to 1Oak. Only one bad experience, a bouncer told my friend to step to the side and let the rest of us in. I did not like that at all but other than that, it was a good time and the party is always an awesome one. Excited to go again. Review from Briana Sanchez 8th January 2018
So tonight we came out to celebrate my sister birthday and decided to go to 1 oak. What a horrible experience that turned out to be. After waiting in line for 30 mins the bouncer told me and my sisters and 2 other individuals to step to the side. When asked why we should step to the side another bouncer told us that we can't get in with no explanation. Funny thing everyone asked to step to the side was black. Wow never experience this before. Review from Paula teuchert 11th December 2017
The One Thing About 1 Oak People Don’t Understand Is That It’s A Family In it’s own right! Whether you are black, white or green it’s all boils down to if they know you; not personally but just you as a person! I have been going here for 6 years straight on a Tuesday or Friday! I will be honest I do work for one of their main djs but; I have established a rapport with the entire staff on my own! I greet everyone upon entering and leaving the venue right down to the bus boys! My point is people forget a club is basically someone’s house and you can’t just expect to walk in because your paying. 1 Oak has no general admission so technically they reserve the right to be selective you have to respect that! It’s a new year coming in don’t get mad at the club just step your clout up! Review from LIFE OF OD 30th December 2017
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