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Address: 18, Little West 12th St, Manhattan
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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Dieser "Club" sollte einfach nur geschlossen werden. Miese Location, fragwürdiges Publikum (Obdachlose?), teurer Eintritt (wofür?) usw. Als Europäer, der anderes gewöhnt ist, sollte man hier nicht hingehen. Besuch: Mittwoch abends nach 12 Uhr! Review from Raffael Essl 11th August 2016
Absolutely love it!!! Great music, fun staff, and such a sexy crowd. Had an amazing time and can't wait to do it all over again. Review from H.E.M. KAT 12th May 2018
I've spent many fun weekends here with good people, listening to awesome music like live drum & bass & electronic types of music. Always had real good times, dressed up in costumes for certain events during the nights I went while Toca was hosting. He happens to be 1 of the most awesome people I've ever met! The musicians were cool, live dancers were amazing, hired artists who painted our faces & bodies were talented, women in the bathroom with the beauty products were nice & everyone was professional. Never had a bad time. Always nothing but love here =^.^= Review from Angela Stillwaggon 11th February 2018
Best sound system and acoustic among new York clubs. Great resident DJs and top notch international guests for house and techno music Review from DC3 10th April 2018
There were broken glasses all over the floor. They had like 500 people or more packed into a space the size of a single room. There was no room to breathe let alone dance. Party was supposed to start at 9. We came at 10:30 and waited till 11:30 in freezing temperatures on New Years eve. Total lack of management. They were just after selling as many tickets as possible without any thoughts to quality or consequence. Horrible experience! Review from satarupa chakraborty 1st January 2018
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