Ohio Skydiving Center

Address: 3430, Old Columbus Road Northwest
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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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I went TODAY and the day started cloudy. We ended up jumping 1 hr after our scheduled jump time but SOOOO worth the wait and every single penny. I jumped with Tony who was so much fun and made me so relaxed. I would have loved the experience no matter what but the employees made it incredible. I would 100% do it again, multiple times, and will be returning to this location to do so. Featured in today experience were Logan and Tara as well, both of whom were also great. Thank you for the amazing experience and the hilarious laughs. You guys are AWESOME! Review from Carly Scala 25th September 2016
Amazing place. Very good instructors and jumpers. Everyone is friendly and explains everything to make sure I was comfortable with the jump. No negative remarks. Absolutely awesome. Review from JP 777 3rd July 2016
This company is impossible to get a hold of. I have called 7 times in the past two weeks. I have sent them a message on their 'faster' way to get in touch with them. They simply do not respond. I am going to have to go 3 hours away to get my skydiving certification thanks to their poor customer service. Good luck trying to contact this company. Review from Michael Holmes 22nd April 2016
Great experience. Very professional and courteous staff. Exhilarating jump! I felt safe throughout the experience and will definitely be jumping here again in the future. Review from Kristina Baker 29th August 2016
Very well run, and FUN! Tara and Tony are amazing! I am so glad I experienced skydiving for the first time at this location. I can't wait to go back! Review from Calin Kelly 13th July 2016
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