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Skydive Rick's

Address: 2, Hofmeister Road
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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Spent the day here starting their IAD program. Not only are these folks incredibly experienced, they are also genuinely caring, observant, and attentive. Having gone through some training in another type of program, in another state, I can tell you that they are thorough when covering safety procedures and training you for basically any possible problem. The DZ is easily recognizable at altitude & the owner, Rick, cheerfully talks you down into perfect formation- even when you're a little off course. His wife is equally cheerful & understanding even when she's busy flying your load up and making sure all that goes off flawlessly. Everyone was encouraging and helpful. Our instructor, Ben, was great. After our class, we got to watch a load go up & jump before we did. He hung out with us & took the time to point out parts of the flight pattern, show us how they determine where we exit the aircraft, and assure us that we would NOT be coming in as hot as one of the jumpers did from that load. Lol. Ben made a b-line over to chat with that guy when he was done talking to us. I have no idea what was said but in my rampant imagination, it may have went something like, "how bout we not freak out the newbies with a 200mph to dead stop stand up on their first day? I know you can pull it off and all but, just sayin." Again, I have no idea what he said & neither looked like anything was amiss. Maybe he just said, "dang, that was an impressive stop." Either way, he was quiet & gracious about it. So here's the take away, if you're looking to learn to skydive, this is a sweet spot! You will not be disappointed and you will most certainly be taken care of here. Blue Skies & Apple Pies ;) Review from Lisa Walker 22nd April 2018
1st tandem jump today for myself and girlfriend (now fiancé Tracie) Kay was super helpful planning the jump and me proposing after we landed... Jimmy was my jumper, made me feel great and relaxed... Jeremy was my video guy who filmed the jump, hustled back and forth with my ring and got everything on video... and Tracie jumped with Ben, who was great making her feel relaxed as well being our first time... Everyone there was super friendly and made us feel welcomed and loved like family... definitely coming back for a 2nd jump! Review from Sammy Pedaline 13th August 2017
Awesome place with a lot of fantastic people! Review from John Steiner 22nd April 2018
I jumped there as a fun jumper for about a year. Great & welcoming fun jumper community! I also learned a great deal (thanks Kay, Rick, Ben and everyone)! Will definitely come back when I'm able to. Review from William Parks 3rd June 2017
The best drop zone to jump at in Ohio. Review from Molly Howsare 24th January 2018
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