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Address: 2, Hofmeister Road
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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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1st tandem jump today for myself and girlfriend (now fiancé Tracie) Kay was super helpful planning the jump and me proposing after we landed... Jimmy was my jumper, made me feel great and relaxed... Jeremy was my video guy who filmed the jump, hustled back and forth with my ring and got everything on video... and Tracie jumped with Ben, who was great making her feel relaxed as well being our first time... Everyone there was super friendly and made us feel welcomed and loved like family... definitely coming back for a 2nd jump! Review from Sammy Pedaline 13th August 2017
I jumped there as a fun jumper for about a year. Great & welcoming fun jumper community! I also learned a great deal (thanks Kay, Rick, Ben and everyone)! Will definitely come back when I'm able to. Review from William Parks 3rd June 2017
The best drop zone to jump at in Ohio. Review from Molly Howsare 24th January 2018
Per Maggie Shannon and Myself... The jump was complete euphoria !!! Amazing instructors that definitely put any unsettled nerves to ease!!! Beginning to end could not have asked for a better experience !! Video s and photos are epic!! Thank you all so much for what you do !!! Review from Crystal Beyer 15th April 2017
Awesome place and people. Had so much fun Review from Casey Walt 9th June 2017
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