Aerohio Skydiving Center

Address: 11679, Blough Road
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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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The staff and regular skydivers are an amazing group of people. Best place in Ohio to skydive Review from Miguel Arasa 28th February 2018
I LOVED skydiving at Aerohio! The people there were awesome! They were very informative and made you feel at ease about your skydiving experience. They were well trained and knew pretty much how to handle any situation. I felt very comfortable with all the staff and jumpers. My instructor, Dave, did an amazing job and gave me an experience I'll remember for a lifetime! I honestly can't wait to go again! I highly recommend everyone experience Aerohio skydiving at least once in their lifetime. It's good to the last drop! :) Review from Wendy Staats 13th June 2017
Best time ever. Doug is the best instructor and with him, I never felt nervous and he let .e stear the parachute. Only problem I had was when I landed, I was sorry it was over. I seriously see me going through training to be a certified trainer. That would be the best job in the world. Review from Mark Lecky 15th October 2017
Loved it !!! Amazing experience. The staff was friendly knowledgeable and hilarious. Can't wait to go back. Review from andrew marshall 20th October 2017
Best place in Ohio to go skydiving. The staff is great as well as their equipment Review from Miguel Arasa 26th October 2017
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