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Skydive Greene County

Address: 177, South Monroe Siding Road
5 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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The staff here is absolutely amazing. Family atmosphere, well kept vintage aircraft and they've been around for more than half of a century! You really want to Skydive here! Review from Ben Riggs 29th May 2018
The instructors where very well trained and where very nice they made sure u had the time of ur life. It is definitely something I will never forget. Review from Nike brothers 26th May 2018
The instructors and equipment are okay but the management sucks. This is the most unorganized organization I have ever conducted business with. Our jump reservation was for noon. We arrived at 11:30 and didn't get on the plane until nearly 4:00. $160 to jump, wait 4 hours in blazing heat and they don't even have free water available. The bathrooms are disgusting, and the overall experience left us wishing we had booked elsewhere. My sister paid $100 for a video of my niece's first jump and all she got was a dvd with 78 crappy pics. Ever had your pic taken at 120 mph? Yeah, nobody wants those pics. The video would have been cool but they screwed that up. The instructor was taking video the entire time with a Go-Pro, talking to my niece before, during and after the jump. Where's the video? There were 11 jump groups and NOBODY knew what group they were in until last minute when their name was called. Then you're hurried into the jump gear and rushed to the plane. I'm getting ready to take my son, but it won't be here. Too bad I had to click one star because this is a 0 star organization. Did I mention one of them lost their main chute? They had to pull the reserve and the parachute packers had to drive to route 35 to recover the lost chute. Judging by their lack of organization, I have a feeling they lose chutes more often than you'd like to know about. Review from Brian Carr 11th October 2017
One of my favorite places to jump! I love it there! The Westwind is a climbing machine, the staff and owners were wonderful and the facility was awesome. Jim West is a real entertainer and a great guy to talk to. We met several of their jumpers and we really were made to feel like family. Thank you all for a great day of jumping, we will be back soon! Bad Opening Guy Review from MotherEarthOne 10th September 2017
Absoulty love this place. If you have never jumped you should really do it... Review from Alison fisher 18th March 2018
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