Charity Skydive

Address: 5488, Longhunter Chase Drive
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Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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Rob was great to work with! There was good communication throughout the entire process. We had 31 skydivers that raised an amazing amount of funds for mental health! Thank you for the great experience! We cannot wait until next years event! Review from Taylor Jackson 28th July 2016
Great experience! Raising funds was very easy. I raised over $3000 to help fight cancer. Charity Skydive was very helpful in setting everything up. The one time I had a question I emailed them and got an answer right away. The jump was awesome! Chicgoland Skydiving Center where I jumped was great. My instructor was professional and tons of fun. I will never fundraise any other way again. I rasied way more than when I have done 5k's etc and the experience does not compare to anything else. Thanks Charity Skydive! Review from Rick Ross 15th April 2016
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