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KÀ Theatre

Address: 3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
30 reviews

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I've sat in almost every seat, so please believe me when I say that there isn't a bad seat in the house. I actually suggest further back so you catch everything that is going on. Review from Paige 23rd September 2014
This show is AMAZING! I am not one for artsy fartsy shows and this is NOT that. The stage is amazing the the performance is action packed. Definitely a show that both guys and girls will love. Review from William 12th April 2013
Best seats are in section 201 or 101, section 101 you are closer to the performers. Seats have surround sound and you will hear "No photos" please. As a color guard coach, it was hard not to count! Review from Alicia 19th April 2013
Astonishing show with jaw dropping stunts, colorful costumes and thrilling epic music. We were in the front rows and had performers fly over us several times! The stage and machinery was grand too! Review from Aafreen 24th November 2018
One of my favorite shows I have seen thus far in my trips to Las Vegas. The way they used mechanics in the show was astonishing and brilliant performance by the crazy death wheel guys! Review from Cheryl 13th June 2015
É um circo é uma peça de teatro tudo junto. Além do palco ser uma obra de engenharia. Se for a las Vegas não deixe de ir. O espetáculo é único. Review from Elisabete 9th January 2018
Espetáculo lindo! A performance do elenco é de uma perfeição indescritível, todos os detalhes do cenário/figurino são um show a parte.Fiquei na fileira F acho q entre a G/J tenha uma visão mais ampla. Review from Mabel 5th October 2015
Fun Fact: The stage can be rotated 360 degrees and raised almost at a 90 degree angle allowing stunning gravity-defying stunts and unique viewing angles that will make you stop blinking. Amazing! Review from Best of Vegas 26th December 2012
Everything in this show is awesome .. The Story, The Music, The artists .. The Stage .. Everything .. One of the best Cirque du Soleil Shows .. By Far!!! .. Review from Francisco 18th December 2013
This was the most technically advanced production I have ever seen. The stage's beauty is staggering, and the performance was awe inspiring. Highly recommend. Review from SPQR 20th November 2014
Wonderful show! The better seats are from the mid section and backwards, if too close you'll miss several things happening at the same time in the stage Review from Edwulf 19th July 2015
El mejor Cirque Du Soleil que he visto hasta la fecha (y han sido unos cuántos)... La batalla final en vertical te deja sin aliento. Review from Felix 10th October 2017
Unique. If you're in Vegas, you can't miss it. Best Cirque du Soleil show I've seen so far. Review from Luis 14th November 2015
If you've only seen the touring Cirque do Soleil shows, you will be blown away by how they've made use of their permanent space at the MGM Grand. Prepare to be awed! Review from Ros 15th November 2012
I've seen almost all of the Broadway shows this was fantastic the art was amazing and the costumes and the stage were fantastic Review from Arthur 29th October 2016
I've seen 5 Cirque shows so far, this is by far, one of the best. More immersive, and visually less 'circus-y' than other productions, but with an obvious storyline. Review from Cyn 16th January 2012
Not as many big acrobatic scenes as other cirque shows, but probably the best I have seen for storytelling, set, and overall experience- a must see! Review from Kate 25th December 2012
Production was amazing, the story is a bit slow almost fell asleep at one point Review from Fresko 22nd February 2016
Amazing show! Incredible effects! The beach acene is awesome! :) ...Show maravilhoso! Efeitos incríveis! A cena da praia é demais! Cheers for the turtle! Haha :P Review from Sheila 10th March 2014
Very long walk from the MGM parking garage to the ka theater be prepared for at least a 15 minute walk with the do not close the doors as they do in New York Review from Arthur 29th October 2016
Stunning show. Having seen a few other cirque shows this is the best. Great moving stages! Lots of action and beautiful scenes. Review from Kelly 28th June 2013
Muito bom o Cirque du Solleil! O teatro é demais e tudo é muito bem pensado. Vale a pena o investimento! Review from Karen 11th February 2015
The best of the best, incredible show, great performers, it was really amazing. I would like to come and see again Review from Sergio 27th March 2018
Absolutely fantastic experience. Look around far and wide, pay attention, listen close, and look around. The show is all around you, and it's magnificent! Review from Ahsan 6th February 2013
This show is visually mind blowing. If you are going expecting a carnival of tricks, you probably wont like it. If you are going to take in an amazing piece of art, you'll love it. Review from Matt 20th March 2011
It was my first ever show! I was just visiting Vegas for a few days, and boy am I glad I bought a ticket to this show! Everything about it was AMAZING! It far exceeded my expectations! Review from Eepeng 13th December 2012
My first Cirque du Soleil show. Definitely check out one of those shows when in Vegas!! AMAZING! Review from Matthias 12th March 2015
Un gran escenario y más de 50 actores en escena, la historia puede llegar a ser aburrida pero el espectáculo es increíble. Review from Fernando 5th October 2014
Best seats in the house m102 well worth the money amazing artistry and talented group of people we had a blast Review from Candice 3rd April 2013
Fantastic show... it's best to get seats in the middle section and as close to the front as possible. Review from David 29th December 2015
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