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Address: 3300 Las Vegas Blvd S
30 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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My favorite cirque show in Vegas! Plenty of audience participation. Every seat is a great seat and really gives you different perspectives of the show! Review from Scott 7th November 2015
The first show by Cirque on the strip definitely a must see. The acrobats were phenomenal and the choreography as well found myself dancing in my seat. Kid friendly too so would definitely recommend. Review from Caroline 17th February 2013
Great show! Very acrobatic and awesome. Very good prices too and! I sat 2nd to last row in the upper section and it was awesome! I liked being on eye level with the trapezes and other high-up stunts. Review from Jaime 13th September 2011
Great show, the beginning of the Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas is a must see for the fans, clean and elegant perform with a lot of funny bits. Review from Felipe 27th June 2015
An amazing Cirque show! It's all the excitement and wonder you want to see at a circus, plus unique sets, bright and intricate costumes, live music, comedy and more. Review from Best of Vegas 27th December 2012
One of the older Cirque Du Soleil shows on the strip so it's one of the more affordable ones. It's nice of the budget and a beautiful production. Review from Natalie 21st October 2015
AMAZING performance. A definite must-see. Highly recommended for first-time Cirquers. You will not be disappointed. Mind-blowing acrobatics and hilarious mini-skits. Review from Jerry 1st April 2013
Truly a classic Cirque du Soleil show! I've also seen Kà and Zumanity but this was my favorite in Vegas and one of my favorites overall. Review from Jay 3rd June 2016
Amazing show! Sit a bit further back to get a good overview of everything that is going on. Or sit in the front and be part of the interactive parts of the show. Review from Pelle 15th April 2014
Get you seats from Tix 4 Tonight. Don't worry about sitting close. The closer to the stage you are, the more you will have to lean back to see some of the acts. Sit in the back stage center-best view. Review from Dennis 11th August 2013
Best Cirque du Soleil show in LV. Simple yet full of beautiful and gasp-inducing acts. If you want to see 'cirque' rather than a show, don't miss it! Review from Arturo 2nd June 2013
Performers are so physically fit, it's mind blowing. Costumes, lighting, music, everything was top notch. Review from Stephanie 20th August 2016
La verdad es que no creo que valiera la pena, he visto varios shows del Cirque du Soleil en otros lados del mundo y este no presentaba la misma calidad de espectáculo que yo esperaba ver. Review from Carolina 30th July 2017
The idea for Mystère started around 1990. It was originally planned for Caesars Palace with a theme based on Greek and Roman mythology. It premiered here at Treasure Island in 1993. Review from HISTORY 7th April 2010
Buy day of tickets trough the official site. We got 35% off tickets. Also, the back of the theater gives you a better view than the expensive seats! Review from Vivek 8th July 2013
If you want to see circus at its best, it's a place to be! Highest class of performance, and my personal addiction to Cirque de Soleil has started! Review from Anna 5th March 2014
Oh god, yes. Amazing show, loved the music, the lights, the costumes, and - of course - the performers. Beautiful AND funny! Review from Karolina 🦔 14th February 2016
If you want to laugh and to be excited - you would definitely visit this show! Review from Serhii 21st February 2016
Simply one of the best performances you will ever see in your life. Original is the best. Review from Richard 19th January 2015
Personally, I didn't care for this show. It was my first Cirque du Soleil. There was no flow. A bunch of disjointed acts put together. The acrobatics were the best part of the show. Review from Brett 14th December 2018
It's a great show! Spend a little more to sit central front row, it's worth it! Review from Paulien 31st March 2016
Breathtaking!! Definitely a must watch! The best view would be the front seats in the centre of the auditorium. Review from madhumita 3rd January 2013
Lindo espetáculo! Fica a dica para os desavisados: comprei antes parcelado e não me arrependi http://www.weplann.com.br/las-vegas/ingressos-mystere-cirque-du-soleil Review from Clarice 14th December 2015
I would say the best cirque show in town. Very acrobatic and surprisingly the tickets are the cheapest. not a bad seat in the theater either. Review from Emily 2nd March 2011
Acrobacias maravillosas. Un gran espectáculo en un muy buen teatro, muy cómodo. Review from Javier 28th April 2017
If you stay at the treasure island tickets are 2 for 1 but they will not give you the 2 for one if you try to get the tickets for a nearly sold out show so get them as soon after you check in! Review from Anabel 29th September 2010
This was my first Cirque du Soleil show. It's a really good introduction to their style of performance. Review from Steve 26th August 2012
A visual feast, one of the best shows in Vegas. I've seen it a number of times and it never gets old 👍👍 Review from Brad 10th November 2015
As acrobacias são incríveis! Um dos melhores shows do Cirque. Se alguém quiser uma dica de onde comprar, comprei o meu aqui: http://bit.ly/1RkiyIl Review from Simone 8th July 2015
Really good cirque du soleil show. Very funny. Be aware that if you're sitting in the front, things can happen Review from Karina 30th November 2014
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