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Michael Jackson ONE Theater

Address: 3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
30 reviews

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The most visually & sonically stunning of all the Cirque shows. Though the acrobatics are not as amazing in some ways, it is the best overall bang for your buck. See this if you can only do 1 show. Review from Aaron 2nd October 2013
Always buy the cheap seats at a Cirque show or you will miss part of it. Acrobats always over the front half of the audience. Loved this show. A little scary for young kids. A bit dark/menacing. Review from Jeanne 9th July 2014
Beautiful show. A must see! I watched it yesterday and I still can't stop feeling it! MAYBE I prefer the MJ Immortal, though - although they r quite different. But ONE is amazing without doubts! Review from Daniele 4th February 2014
si fuiste de los que no tuvimos el chance de ver un show de MJ en vivo, esto es lo mas cercano, la puesta en escena es de las mejores q he visto en mi vida, el sonido del teatro es alucinante, DE PIE! Review from juan carlos 7th October 2014
A beautiful tribute to MJ pretty sure he would approve. The dancers were so amazing and so were their costumes. Michael's music comes alive on that stage and you can't help but sing and dance. Review from Caroline 23rd August 2013
Al principio parece un espectáculo de danza sin embargo a partir de Billy Jean es un show maravilloso, digno de las Vegas Review from Lilian 14th February 2015
Melhor espetáculo do cirque du Soleil em Las Vegas. Vale cada centavo gasto.... Sensacional, difícil colocar em palavras tamanho show dado pelos atores. É de encher os olhos d'Água.. Não deixem de ir Review from Manuella 5th January 2015
Espectacular! No se sienten muy adelante, los shows como este es mejor verlos a la mitad del teatro Review from Alan 15th October 2015
THE BEST SHOW IN VEGAS!!! Sit as high up as possible to be able to view the entire theater because the acrobats use the entire theater, including the ceiling! Don't forget to bring tissue! Review from Ingrid 9th January 2014
Amazing show! Get center seats not too close to the stage to get the most out of the picture! Take pics with the crew before the show like I did! :) Review from Val 12th December 2017
Simplesmente fantástico, para quem curtiu Michael Jackson que nem eu não pode deixar de ir, mistura de musical com circo, a melhor parte é a da música Billy Jean, vão e irão ver. Review from Be 29th November 2014
Spettacolo INCREDIBILE, da pelle d'oca per gran parte del tempo! Con ballerini pazzeschi, luci ed effetti speciali stupendi, e un audio magnifico! Vale tutti i soldi del biglietto! WOW WOW WOW! Review from Matteo 30th August 2014
This feels like a concert! The sound and visuals are awesome. Beautiful set list. A fitting tribute to an amazing artist, yet an excellent show all on its own. Review from DJ 17th July 2015
I literally cried the whole show ☺️😭😭😭 it was the most emotional show I’ve ever been. If you’re on a budget make sure to pick this show above anything else. Review from Fernando 27th May 2018
My new favorite Cirque show. Heavy on the dancing, which is amazing. Perfect choice of songs as well. Bring a tissue, you might cry near the end. I did. Review from Nikki 10th August 2013
Had so much fun at this show watching the dancing and enjoying the classics. Only regret is I wish I sat further back to take in everything. Strained my neck looking up and behind towards the aisles. Review from Rebecca 29th November 2016
Best dancers I've seen in a long time. Precision. A really nice homage to an artist "gone too soon." Made us miss Michael. Great job, cast and crew!!!! SEE THIS SHOW! Review from Lloyd 3rd July 2013
Aow! Best Cirque show, for sure! Don't get the very near to the stage seats or else you'll miss some of the action that happens all around Review from LF 24th May 2014
The show is fantastic. Also, you can bring in outside drinks, so hit up the slots before you enter so you can get a free drink. :) Review from Miguel 2nd September 2013
The Michael Jackson show was so fun. If you are a fan of his music you will LOVE it. Review from Chris 31st August 2015
-Hands down, the best cirque show! Sit a little closer to the back so that you don't miss anything! There is so much to see!!!! Review from Kiara 8th October 2013
This show blew me away! Great special effects and amazing dancing. It surprised me and exceeded my expectations! Highly recommended! Review from Jon 12th July 2014
The show was a great tribute to Michael Jackson. It was an electrifying performance and you will be captivated with the high energy show. Made me remember how MJ's songs were a part of my childhood. Review from Nicole 12th February 2014
I have been to all the Cirque shows and since MJ was the first concert, I have an emotional connection. The underlying message brought me to tears...SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Review from Kerry 10th November 2015
Michael Jackson topped Forbes' list of top-earning dead celebrities this year w/ $140MM. One revenue stream comes from this show with holograms that put the legend on stage with a cast of 63 dancers. Review from FindYourCES 30th December 2014
Beat It, Billie Jean, Thriller and Man in the Mirror were the best parts. Make sure you check out the memorabilia items in the shop windows. Review from Julia 4th July 2013
Awesome show! The choreography, special effects and acrobatics are just wonderful. Every dollar spent is just worth it. Review from Rodolfo 17th September 2017
OUTSTANDING Show! Don't go into it comparing it to other shows like Mystere or LOVE. It's very different from both - just enjoy it! Review from Katie 24th June 2013
Excelente show! Fui dos veces esa misma semana convine los asientos de atrás y en el medio se aprecia muy bien todo!! Review from Gussgui 13th March 2014
Totally awesome - get tickets from showtickets.com much cheaper than getting them from ticketmaster or showing up at the box office Review from Ashley 20th July 2015
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