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The Box

Address: 189 Chrystie St
30 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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My favorite thing about this unique place is that the crowd ranges from barely legal to barely alive, a crowd of all of the ages. Amazingly friendly and welcoming vibe. Review from DoubleDeuce 28th November 2015
Once you've gotten past the doorman (with a reservation or a little creativity) you'll be treated to some of the most entertaining, and unbelievably naughty acts. Dressing up is highly encouraged! Review from The Corcoran Group 5th March 2013
One of THE nightclubs in nyc with burlesque performances. Actually quite small, you might have not that much fun if you don't have a table. Review from Thomas 3rd September 2015
Feel glamorous, hip, and ahead of the curve here. From Gossip Girl to The Glamour Magazine party. tres chic! True NYC club experience. Review from Concert Ticket Agency 6th September 2012
It can be tricky to get passed the rope, but it shouldn't be a problem if you're with a reliable promoter or if you're buying a table of course. Adam 929-354-7877 got us in Review from Tori 9th October 2018
Great concept, unique place to spend a night! Great idea with the show, that's doesn't make you to feel boring during the hole night. A bit small place, many people! Nice people :) girls Review from Anton 8th December 2016
Well worth a visit if you manage to get in. Crazy shows with anything from circus acts to naked guys playing with their prosthetic arms... Bizarre but entertaining place.A New York experience for sure Review from Josef 6th May 2013
The Box has a table reservation list and a guest list. Make a reservation in advance on the website. If you’re willing to spend, reserving a table and getting bottle service for the show is awesome. Review from Party Earth 13th June 2012
Burlesque. This place gets wilder and wilder as the night goes on. Interesting crowd (as in not just hipsters and not just fist pumping bros). The one con is that the drink pricing is absurd. Review from Karima 28th December 2015
Known for its over the top burlesque shows...and its debut on Gossip Girl, the Box is nothing less than glamorous! Check out our video and have your very own Chuck and Blair moment! http://ow.ly/7h5pG Review from Howcast 2nd November 2011
peep show type party, must be open minded and willing to see/experience the most bizarre people NYC has to offer. From nude individuals, to musicians, to circus performers.. def must see. Review from Robo 21st July 2013
Club meets insane burlesque show. It's most fun when you take someone who has no idea what they are in for. It's an experience for sure. Review from Susan 30th May 2015
don't be afraid, just do it! There are few places in this world like the Box, you will be shocked, you will be dazzled, you WILL party like a rockstar. Review from @JaumePrimero 25th February 2012
Best way to lose a lot of money in NY. The show was ok, but not worth table price with champagne price of 3000usd min! Waitress are drinking it with you so becarefull as it will finish quickly. Review from Jarosław 6th May 2017
This roller coaster ride of a burlesque-freak show-party enchants patrons several nights a week. Find a way to get in and be ready to fall down the rabbit hole. Review from Marie 4th November 2018
Absolutely phenomenal for density of beautiful women and energy. Show is pretty fun as well, but the crowd is the main draw Review from Michael 25th December 2015
Order a Hendrick's Gin and Tonic with cucumber, and enjoy one of the great burlesque shows. If you’re an account exec, let your clients pay! Most expensive drinks in NYC... Review from The Salup Group 4th November 2010
You've probably heard some outlandish stories from a friend of a friend who knows someone who's been here. Whatever it is you heard, believe it! Make it past the ropes and you're in for quite a night! Review from Mark 2nd April 2013
With a diverse calendar of acts, The Box offers live music in an intimate space. Check out our other list of local spots where cabaret is making a comeback in NYC on MetroFocus Review from MetroFocus 6th December 2011
this place is always entertaining especially after midnight were live acts, burlesque shows, 2 levels a good place to over look the action on the mezzanine level Review from EchoDA 27th March 2012
A variation of a nightclub & dinner theatre with the most amazing acts I’ve ever seen. The vibe is voyeuristic, sexy, & usually something that you can’t explain unless you’ve seen it. - Tracy Review from Showtime Network 4th June 2010
Definitely great once or twice for the shock value but not ideal for dancing. Also the door is impossible so unless you have a table or hook-up don't bother. Review from Yaz 26th October 2015
Their acts are very polished and well styled. It’s a mix of variety, burlesque, singers and circus acts. The place looks like the Moulin Rouge. It totally rocks! -Molly Crabapple, Artist Review from Revel In New York 31st March 2010
Unique club scene. On the weekends, wait for the late night shows, you will be either shocked or entertained. Review from Julie 1st August 2018
Unique club scene. On the weekends, wait for the late night shows, you will be either shocked or entertained. Review from Julie 18th July 2018
My girlfriends and I finally got into this place, We found a promoter who runs the party here (Adam). He got us in ahead of the line and free drinks! His cell was 929-354-7877 Review from Becca 30th November 2018
It's a amazing party and the burlesque show is something to experience.. It's a venue like no other.. Review from Eddie 14th March 2014
The Box is the only nightclub where you'll never get bored. The place is gorgeous & the shows are a thrill. One of my favorite places in New York... Review from Alexandre 11th August 2010
The best burlesque show it town! A "must" NYC experience. Review from R* 4th January 2013
uma instalação teatral insanamente imersiva. Em uma atmosfera fantástica. Review from Stella 26th July 2016
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