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Address: 453 W 17th St
30 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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This club is OK.. Never saw a really good DJ there Review from Deb 28th June 2016
One of the few spots left in NYC that has not succumbed to a commercial scene. There's no shortage of cool kids and celebrity DJs stay in rotation, so don't think you can just walk up to the door. Review from Soiree Group 28th April 2012
Fun dj music but i went for special event on wed so don't know how it is on normal night Review from Christina 14th September 2017
1Oak - famous for its late night, high enery parties, 1Oak is a favorite of celebrities in the music and modeling industries, also frequented by atheletes. Adam Cohen got us in 929-354-7877 Review from Tori 9th October 2018
Yine New York'ta.. Number one.. Çarşamba, cuma, cumartesileri açık.. Girişte çok seçiciler.. Doormen'ler biraz artist.. Review from Emre AÖ 20th October 2014
Famous 4 high enery parties with a great club configuration. Sunken rectangular dance floor in the middle of the club with VIP tables and more dancing along the landing. Adam got us in 929-354-7877 Review from Becca 30th November 2018
Wood-paneled exterior exudes masculine charm, matched by ostrich-leather seating and fireplace inside. Smoking patio for your cancer-courting convenience. Review from BlackBook Magazine 29th November 2012
“Out of walking distance of nearby lounges, most people make 1Oak their last stop. If you want to catch the party in full swing, stop by after 2am.” More at http://www.partyearth.com/venues/1oak. Review from Party Earth 2nd April 2012
Classic NY hotspot. Door is difficult but worth it when you get in. Review from Yaz 23rd October 2015
Could be a good club. But the DJs are the worst ever - it's like playing 30 sec of each crappy song. If you don't care about music and alcohol is all you need to get the party started give it a try. Review from Alexander 12th November 2017
THE nightclub in Meatpacking. Go here when you’re going all-out! Review from Nick 21st March 2018
In this experimental episode, cab drivers Samuel, Jamson, and Watson head to celebrity hotspot 1Oak on their night off. They wait in line for two hours and then can’t get in. [Episode 6] Review from Eater 22nd May 2017
Go on a Wednesday or Sunday -- the crowd is chiller than the bridge and tunnel Thursday through Saturday crowd Review from Genevieve Claire 15th December 2011
Still one of the most popular clubs in NYC, be ready for a bit of a wait unless you are in a small group. Review from Julie 1st August 2018
I was here for the Minnie Mortimer spring 2011 fashion presentation and it was so fun! Everything looked fabulous and the drinks were delicious. Review from Katie Ermilio 9th September 2010
Don't actually sit on the seats when you get a table, sit up on top of the booth backs. Review from Christopher 4th May 2015
Most fun I've had in the city. Blows away any other club in Manhattan. Review from Barron 25th March 2014
The place doesnt pick up till around 12:30-1am on a Saturday if you are in the B&T crowd. Tables are a good bet but stear clear of the ones by the back door or you will be fighting traffic all night Review from Neal 9th March 2010
This may be weird, but my favorite part of this club are the floors. I love the zig zag. Review from Alexandra 6th January 2012
yes this fun! good music and great viewing spots. Always a fun time when are office makes it way there! Review from Ajay 11th January 2012
This is where you go when you want a nice low key spot, not to big not to small - tough door. - Vinny, Jersey Shore Review from MTV 23rd March 2010
Check out this great space in NYC. Mark, Adam and the entire 1 Oak family know how to do it big and show The Situation a great time! - Mike (The Situation), Jersey Shore Review from MTV 23rd March 2010
One Oak is for sure the best club in the city on a Sunday night. Hot dudes, pretty girls Review from Candace 24th November 2012
This always ends up being a second stop of the night, but really because it's better after 1am. You can always count on a great DJ spinning there. Review from Rose 22nd June 2010
The ppl here donnnnnnnnnt like gay ppl....they will smile as if can plan play game together but don't winnnnnnnn #hate Review from Kamelle 17th March 2012
Don't come early. Don't pay for yo drinks! Review from Ann-Kathryne 8th September 2012
Musique de merde, très ghetto, mais l'endroit est top juste pour un verre Review from William 18th February 2012
It feels, looks, and smells like money! But money alone doesn't guarantee entry so don't think you can just walk up to the door! There's no shortage of cool kids and celebrity DJs stay in rotation. Review from Mark 12th April 2013
Light up bottle menus at least u know how much it's gonna cost to make it rain... Like it really matters! Review from @JPSmithNYC 9th February 2012
Amazing night tonight! ... Kanye was at the table next to us .. we basically danced and drank our butts off Review from Nick 5th November 2010
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