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Le Bain

Address: 848 Washington St
30 reviews

Overview Of The Westmont Apartments

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Great view, great music and good drinks. No dress code and no reservation. Great to go after walking the High Line. After, go to Artichoke Pizza at 10th Ave between 17th St. and 18th St. Review from Caio 1st September 2014
Very nice rooftop with great view on lower Manhattan and New Jersey, as well as mid-town from their fancy restroom. I recommend going there for the sunset. Review from Simon 25th December 2016
The grafitti staircase and the techno playing on Sunday night reminds my of Berlin so much. Despite its 12 dollars cocktail and 8 dollar beer. Love the bathroom and bird sound installation! Review from Ina 30th March 2015
The wraparound views of the Manhattan skyline and Jersey City are sublime as are the pitcher-sized libations. Arrive at 4 p.m. for a chance at grabbing a coveted chair or couch. Review from Condé Nast Traveler 27th July 2016
The draw here is an NYC vista you can gawk at from funky pastel chairs that seem to adapt to whatever shape is slouching in them. The staff lend out binoculars to ensure gazing is 100% operational. Review from CNN 4th February 2015
This place is fantastic! Dress well, bring cash for tipping money. Spacious elevator with operator. 8th floor dance floor, jacuzzi, bar. Rooftop area with great views and delicious crepe cafe. 😀 Review from Kris 4th May 2015
one of my favourite spot to have a night out. Enjoy the openair space upstair. The view is amazing and the music selection is great with the best djs in the city...make sure to check the events! Review from Salvatore 16th June 2017
One of the many nightclubs in the Meatpacking District that you will definitely end up visiting if you’re single in NYC. (And maybe even if you’re not single...) Le Bain is one of the better ones! Review from Nick 21st March 2018
뉴욕 루프탑 바를 처음 가봤는데, 야경이 정말 끝내주네요. 맨하탄이랑 허드슨강 야경이 펼쳐지는데, 오우! 호텔바인데 분위기가 무겁지 않고, 캐쥬얼하고 왁자지껄하고, 칵테일은 $14 정도라서 크게 부담스럽진 않아요. (맛은 별로) 실내와 루프탑으로 분리되어있는데, 실내에는 미니 수영장도 있어서 친구들끼리 재밌게즐길 수 있는 장소인 것 같아요. 굿 👍🏻 Review from Tae Ho 13th July 2016
Um, HELLO? what could be better than a rooftop bar with amazing dj's, a pool packed w/scantily clad beautiful people, and CREPES!!?? Review from Concert Ticket Agency 12th September 2012
Go for sunset, it's so beautiful. The main views are of downtown, but you also get midtown/Empire State views behind the bar. They also have a crepe bar on the roof Review from Rhiannon 6th July 2017
When you enter a club, and the first thing you notice is a swim-trunk and bikini vending machine... you know you're going to have a great time. Rooftop bar, panorama views, jacuzzi, and a disco ball. Review from Christopher 15th October 2015
This sky-high bar that crowns the Standard, High Line. The wraparound views of the skyline and Jersey City are sublime as are the pitchers. Arrive at 4 p.m. for a chance to grab a chair or couch. Review from Jen 16th August 2017
If you want a Table/Hostess Service then ask for Valerie. You can trust my word as its coming from a person who is here four nights a week. Friendly, Courteous and Awesome!! (There goes my secret) ;) Review from Chintan 31st May 2013
The fog machine is a bit much, but it’s a great spot. Mandatory coat check (1 line to check and pickup), great bartenders and DJs, and plenty of room and nooks off to the sides of the dance floor. Review from Nicole 18th March 2018
The view is one of the best from this rooftop! Now they have a DJ on the rooftop also. Get here early, can be difficult to get a place to sit. Review from Rewan 27th August 2014
Beautiful views of Manhattan and Jersey from this youthful club featuring a full bar, great dance floor, and spacious rooftop patio. Drinks are pricey, but I love this place. Free coat check. Review from Mike 10th March 2017
If people having sex in hot tubs is you thing then you'll love it here. Kinda speaks to the type of crowd in general... ignoring that there's a crepe bar and fantastic views of the Hudson! Review from Kevin 17th August 2016
Super trendy rooftop nightlife. Beautiful people, smoke machines, house music. Be sure to head up to the large outdoor area with some of the best Manhattan views. Review from Chet 9th November 2015
Once (and if) you get in you’ll enjoy a day (and night) lounging on the grass, on a waterbed, in a hot tub with the most eclectic crowd and the coolest music. Review from The Corcoran Group 19th June 2012
Tabi ki super bir manzara ve ortam.. Gunesin batisini izlemek cok keyifli.. Saat 18:00 gibi mekanda olunursa hem gunesin batisi hem de sonrasindaki inanilmaz manzara izlenebilir.. Review from Gizem 23rd September 2016
Rooftop has been hit or miss getting up to with a choosy bouncer on the ground floor, but worth the wait if you can get up there! Gorgeous views and an innovative space. Review from Danielle 21st August 2014
Nightclub on the top floor of a high-rise. free entry. $16 buck spirits. Totally worth the views. Make sure to go up stairs from the bar, there's a really good terrace. Review from Joe 5th August 2015
Great rooftop. Spacious and they don't let it get overpacked. Get in by 1030ish and the line isn't bad. The beer is actually reasonably priced but the cocktail prices are unreal! Review from Lindsay 22nd October 2017
On different nights, you can have a totally different experience. The first Time I went I had a great time. the second time i was dressed way better than before yet I could not even get in the door Review from Jamaal 20th January 2017
This place has the best View among nyc rooftops. Cocktails are pretty good and cost around $15. There is also a creperie and a hottub! Review from Vahid 24th August 2016
favorite spot in L.E.S. not to say one of the hottest spots in NYC, cocktails are fire (that cranberry rhum tho..), amazing 360° view, good music...the place to be. Review from Nina 29th October 2013
Best time to go? Summer Friday afternoons! Did you know New Yorkers are actually drinking spiked lemonade, chilling in beach chairs and swimming on roofdecks on Fridays? This is where it happens! Review from SociableNY 11th July 2013
One of the best rooftops in Manhattan. $14 a drink which is not bad. Totally worthy. Bring a swimming suit for the pool. Review from Fer 13th June 2017
Le Bain is now open only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and occasionally on Sundays... Still the BEST place in the whole wide NY... Vibe is just brilliant in any given night... Review from Chintan 26th January 2013
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